Blundell Milled Tooth Files

Description Order Ref
8" Hand Straight Tooth MF.STH8
10" Hand Straight Tooth MF.STH10
12" Hand Straight Tooth MF.STH12
14" Hand Straight Tooth MF.STH14
8" Half Round Straight Tooth MF.STHR8
10" Half Round Straight Tooth MF.STHR10
12" Half Round Straight Tooth MF.STHR12
14" Half Round Straight Tooth MF.STHR14

(style as Millenicut)


Description Order Ref
8" Hand Curved Tooth MF.CVH8
10" Hand Curved Tooth MF.CVH10
12" Hand Curved Tooth MF.CVH12
14" Hand Curved Tooth MF.CVH14
8" Half Round Curved Tooth MF.CVHR8
10" Half Round Curved Tooth MF.CVHR10
12" Half Round Curved Tooth MF.CVHR12
14" Half Round Curved Tooth MF.CVHR14

(style as Dreadnought)


Plain File Handles

Porta Ref. Description
3WFH Fits 4" Files
4WFH Fits 6" & 8" Files
5WFH Fits 10" Files
6WFH Fits 12" & 14" Files


Python Safety File Handles incorporate a hidden spring and a unique ferrule which not only helps grip the tang of the file or tool but also prevents the handle from splitting

Porta Ref. Description
PYTHON0 Fits 4" Files
PYTHON1 Fits 6" & 8" Files
PYTHON2 Fits 10" Files
PYTHON3 Fits 12" & 14" Files

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